Pre-resonant balancing machines

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6 Pre-resonant balancing machines Dear specialists, in order to understand the features of balancing machines and their purpose-we need to understand what functions they perform and what tasks they solve. A balancing machine is an equipment that includes a mechanical part consisting of a frame, a ... drive, supports for the installation of a balanced rotor, as well as a measuring part that determines the vibration parameters, the location and the amount of unbalance. The mismatch of the rotor rotation axis with the main Central axis of inertia leads to the appearance of uncompensated centrifugal forces and moments. An unbalanced part causes increased dynamic loads on the bearing assemblies, which in turn accelerates wear and reduces service life. Balancing allows you to reduce vibration and additional loads, which increases the service life of the machine. Structurally balancing machines can differ in the frequency of rotation of the rotor: - pre-resonant, with rigid supports, balancing on such machines is carried out at a frequency below its own vibrations. The advantage of such machines is that they are the most versatile; - resonant, where the frequency of rotation of the balanced rotor coincides with the frequency of oscillation of the machine supports, the disadvantage of such machines is the use of complex drives, which negatively affects the cost of such a machine; - resonant, with flexible supports, balancing is carried out at a frequency significantly higher than the frequency of oscillation of the supports, which leads to the need to use an expensive measuring part, as well as to calibrate the machine every time there is a need to perform work. Based on all the above advantages and disadvantages of various machines, BALTECH has been developing, designing, manufacturing and supplying pre-resonant balancing machines of the BALTECH HMB series (with horizontal axis of rotation), VBM (with vertical axis of rotation), SBM (special) for more than 20 years, which allow the process of balancing rotors weighing from 0.1 kg to 50 tons. Most often, in production conditions, balancing is carried out on universal or special balancing machines. When delivering balancing machines to the customer, BALTECH carries out the entire cycle of commissioning, as well as training specialists for successful operation and operation of the machine. On the basis of our training center, we recommend training specialists in the course of TOR-102: "balancing rotors on site and on balancing machines", carried out within 5 working days (40 hours).

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