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Spectro Scientific Oil Laboratories Tribology is a branch of physics that studies and describes the contact interaction of solid deformable bodies during their relative movement. The area of tribological research is the processes of friction, wear and lubrication. Oil analysis is one of the main ... methods of diagnostics of machinery, because it gives the most complete picture of the technical condition of the unit as a whole. Oil in the car is like " blood” in the human body, it is involved in almost all internal processes of the body, and in machinery oil is involved in working processes. It is widely used in the form of OFS maintenance (maintenance based on actual technical condition) because the analysis of oils and lubricants allows us to identify defects at the early stages of their origin. Today, there are many manufacturers of equipment for the analysis of oils and lubricants. The leading position is occupied by the American company Spectro Scientific. The official representative of THIS organization on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries is baltech LLC. The MiniLab series of equipment is designed to equip oil laboratories in industrial enterprises. A distinctive feature of this line of devices is its versatility. this equipment can be operated both in the field, i.e. directly at the sampling site, due to its autonomy, and in the laboratory (stationary). To work on this equipment, there is no need to have the education of a laboratory assistant, it can be mastered by an ordinary ordinary specialist. The advantage of MiniLab is its modular structure. At the initial stage, it is recommended to use MiniLab23 (Spectro Scientific, USA). the laboratory includes an infrared analyzer and a viscometer. This laboratory is more suitable for the analysis of motor oils. MiniLab53-this laboratory has two previous modules, like Minilab23, and is supplemented with a particle counter to determine the oil purity class according to the ISO 4406 standard. If necessary, this module can be equipped with a particle capture camera, which can be used to determine the origin of these particles using the particle Atlas. MiniLab153-by analogy, MiniLab53 is supplemented with an element optical emission analyzer. For a more detailed study of the diagnostic field, the specialized training center for advanced training of BALTECH offers comprehensive training programs on theoretical aspects and practical skills of oil analysis. Training courses on the topics of NO-2010 "the concept of "Reliable equipment" (developer Romanov, 921-757-90-51) and " TOR-105 Fundamentals of the theory of machine lubrication. Tribodiagnostics. The method of oil analysis under operating conditions " is carried out within five working days and lasts forty academic hours.

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