Balancing machines (horizontal, vertical, special).

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2. Balancing machines (horizontal, vertical, special). Unbalance is a type of defect in which the balance of rotating equipment is disturbed, which leads to run-out and uneven distribution of the load on the mated parts and components. If you look at the statistics, the frequency of equipment ... failure due to an imbalance is 17%. This indicator shows how important the process of balancing equipment after installation, dismantling and repair work is. Baltech company has been engaged in professional manufacturing and delivery of balancing equipment, as well as providing technical services for 20 years. Baltech balancing machines are equipment that accurately determines the size and location of dynamic and static unbalance of rotating parts and equipment parts, weighing from 1 gram to 110 tons with belt and cardan transmission drive. There are three types of balancing machines: - Horizontal; - Vertical; - Special. Baltech balancing machines are manufactured in accordance with standards and fully meet all international requirements and ISO standards. Baltech stationary balancing machines are distinguished by their type: - for disks and spare parts; - for armatures of electric motors; - for rotors and fan impellers; - for pump and compressor impellers; - for crankshafts and driveshafts; - for centrifuges, separators; - for grinding wheels; - for turbo units; - for machine-tool spindles and chassis; - for mechanisms assembled. Baltech also pays special attention to training and retraining of personnel. The specialized training center for advanced training of Baltech company conducts comprehensive training programs for engineering and technical workers in theoretical aspects and practical skills of working with baltech series balancing machines. The training course on the topic: TOR-102 "balancing rotors on site and on balancing machines" also includes the basics of vibration of machines and mechanisms, as well as types of imbalance, goals and objectives of balancing. The training is conducted within five working days and the duration of forty hours. The training center for advanced training "Baltech" operates on the basis of the License number 3582 issued on September 24, 2018 for the right to provide educational services for the implementation of educational programs.

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