Antimark protective film for press brake bending

25/04/20 10:53:11 | offer | Metal sheet bending machines
We offer antimark protective film for press brake bending. Why would you need it: If you are looking for protection from scratches, marks and prints and other possible surface defects during bending; Your surface of the part is already prepared (grinded or finished); For prepainted parts ben ... ding; Parts after galvanic treatment, plated or other coating applied; Additional die protection; Reworking of parts (removing marks and other surface preparation is hard or impossible) About our press brake bending film: Premium quality, made in Germany; Usable on any machine and any press brake tools; High restistance against oil, grease, dirt, other contamination; Long duration of use; Applicable for any material such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys etc. The bending film and bending with film is highly recommended for bending activities to fabricate the products with decorative or polished / grinded / finished surface or with coating, production of kitchen and restaurant furniture, lifts, building and interior panels, reduction of costs for post-bending preparation of parts during fabrication process. The delivery program: 0,4 x 100 mm width (length of roll 54 m) 0,5 x 100 mm width (length of roll 45 m) 0,8 x 100 mm width (length of roll 18 m) Width 150-200 mm ; 1,0 and 2,0 mm thickness film is available under request. The film could be used as it is with any tooling or press brake with manual positioning or usage of special holders to fix and to rotate after consume. This is the advertisement and not the official offer. For any prices and conditions please contact us directly.

Price:1,000 €



www link:https://www.press-brake-tools.com/en/press-brake-tools.htm

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