9. Horizontal balancing machines

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9. Horizontal balancing machines A balancing machine is a tool designed to measure and correct the imbalance of the rotor mass. In fact, dynamic rotating machines spin the rotor to detect the center of mass using vibration sensors. These vibration sensors are usually accelerometers. Finally, ... simple calculations will indicate the position of the corrective masses. Baltech HBM and BALTECH VBM series balancing machines allow you to accurately determine the location and mass of any imbalance that can be eliminated in any way, by drilling, milling, etc..., as well as by adding mass to eliminate the imbalance, by screwing bolts, or by welding. The imbalance can manifest itself in various forms. If the rotor begins to bend during rotation, the mass is not balanced in one plane parallel to the rotor, and this state is called static imbalance. If the rotor is not balanced in a plane that intersects with the Central rotation, or the axis of mass does not coincide with the axis of rotation, it requires balancing in two planes, this is called dynamic imbalance. To solve these problems to eliminate the imbalance may require different types of balancing machines. This decision is the company BALTECH. BALTECH has developed high-precision balancing machines of the HBM series-horizontal execution and BALTECH VBM-vertical execution. These machines can be used to balance various types of parts, such as rotors, impellers, gears, flywheels, crankshafts, etc... with high precision. Baltech HBM and BALTECH VBM balancing machines use strain gauges that allow balancing in just one start, and the accuracy of balancing on BALTECH balancing machines meets all domestic and international standards. Baltech's baltech HBM, BALTECH VBM and BALTECH SBM balancing machines are equipped with the latest technological equipment, as well as modern software that allows balancing in four correction planes simultaneously.

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