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One of the values that characterize the vibration is the RMS value corresponding to the vibrational energy. It is used in measurements to determine the destructive effects of vibrations. Here we consider the vibration velocity. This vibration parameter means the speed of movement of the investigate ... d point of the unit during its movement along the measuring axis. However, it is not the limit value of the parameter that is measured, but its RMS. The physical essence of the root-mean-square value of the parameter is the equality of the impact on the equipment supports of a real vibration signal and an equal in value RMS dummy constant. Many enterprises prefer measurement of vibration velocity RMS than vibration to determine the state of equipment. Because this measurement, taking into account the movement of the test point, at the same time take into account the energy impact on the machine supports from the forces that caused vibration. However, it should be noted that the informativeness of vibration can be equated with the informativeness of vibration velocity. However, it is necessary to take into account not only the scope of oscillations, but also the frequency of all oscillations and its individual components, which is difficult to perform in practice. Measurement units of vibration. Vibration velocity is measured in the following units: • mm/s – millimeters per second (the basic unit); • in / s-inches per second. 1 in/s equals 25.4 mm / sec.; * DB decibel. Measurement of vibration RMS (three vibration parameters, speed, displacement, acceleration) is the simplest way to determine the condition of the equipment under study. Quickly after receiving the measurement results, the information is compared with the established standards, which are determined by the standards or are available in the documentation for the equipment. What equipment does BALTECH GmbH offer for measuring RMS vibration? BALTECH GmbH offers BALTECH VP-3405 and BALTECH VP-3405-2 vibrators ("VibroPoint" series) as well as BALTECH VP-3410 vibrometer and baltech VP-3460 vibrometer-tachometer-thermometer-balancer. In the first two devices, the vibration sensor is located in the housing, in the latter, it is placed on the cable and has a magnetic clamp. The last two devices are capable of measuring not only vibration velocity, but also vibration displacement with vibration acceleration, and the first is only the first vibration parameter. All four vibrometers comply with the rules for measuring vibration in accordance with ISO 10816. What services does BALTECH GmbH offer? Our company not only develops and implements measuring instruments. We also train enterprise staff to work with them. To this end, Baltech organized the “Training Center for Advanced Studies and Specialist Training”, where training courses on the rules for measuring vibration using vibration meters and vibration analyzers (vibration analyzers) are conducted. You can study the vibration measurement rules in the TOP-103 course “Vibration diagnostics and vibration control. Measurement of RMS vibration, acceleration and vibration displacement ". ISO 18436-2-2005. In addition, our technical service department performs work on vibration diagnostics (vibration monitoring, vibration control) of rotary dynamic equipment. Our expert Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing NDT (Attestation Certificate No. 58A050798) has the ability to issue an opinion on the determination of the residual life: pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, exhausters, cooling towers, extruders, gearboxes (all types of gears), DC electric machines, synchronous and asynchronous electric motors, as well as complete diagnostics of rolling bearings, plain bearings, magnetic bearings (magnetic suspensions) and gas-lubricated air bearings.

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